Our Location

The resort is located at Anomabo, in the Central Region of Ghana. 116km west of the capital of Accra, off the coastal road.
Apart from its close proximity to the Kakum National Park, the area around Anomabo is world famous for its forts and castles. Move your mouse pointer to the symbols in our interactive map to find out more about some of the attractions near us.



Cultural Centre

Festive Town
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Anomabo Beach Resort, P.O. Box 52 Anomabo, Ghana
St. George Castle at Elmina built in 1482 by the Portuguese Fort Orange at Sekondi  built in 1690 by the Dutch Fort St. Sebastian at Shama built in 1640 by the Portuguese Fort St Jago at Elmina built in 1665 by the Portuguese Carolusburg (Cape Coast Castle) built in 1653 by the Swedish Fort Victoria in Cape Coast built in 1702 by the British Fort William at Anomabo built in 1630 by the Dutch Fort Amsterdam at Kromantse built in 1638 by the British Fort Leydsaamheid at Apam built in 1698 by the Dutch Fort Good Hope at Senya Bereku built in 1702 by the Dutch Fort Ussher at Accra built in 1649 by the British Fort James at Accra built in 1673 by the British Christianborg Castle at Accra built in 1659 by the Danish Kwame Nkrumah Mausoleum Akonedi Shrine Posuban Shrine German Colonial Cemetery